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Gen Advisory Pty Ltd is a specialist Australian professional services firm supporting authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs) and FinTechs.  

As banking and regulation specialists, our services are tailored to helping ADIs and FinTechs fulfil their commercial and regulatory objectives.

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Licensing and Compliance
Helping ADIs and FinTechs with licensing and regulatory compliance

The Australian ADI and FinTech sectors have proved resilient in the face of adversity. Although CoVID-19 has caused upheaval, the fundamentals for both sectors remain sound. Gen Advisory provides end-to-end support to ADIs and FinTechs in areas including: ACL/AFSL licensing; ADR accreditation; AUSTRAC reporting obligations; and ongoing  compliance. among others.  

Sustainable Finance

Helping ADIs and FinTechs

provide sustainable finance

Gen Advisory has observed strong demand, across multiple stakeholders, for sustainable finance instruments such as sustainability-linked loans and bonds. We believe that sustainable finance is an exciting area which will grow significantly in the next several years. Australian ADIs and FinTechs have the potential to contribute to, and benefit from, this global trend.  

RegTech Adoption

Helping ADIs and FinTechs

benefit from RegTech technologies

Gen Advisory is an advocate for increased RegTech adoption in financial services. We believe that RegTech has the potential to reshape the Australian financial services sector for the better. It allows ADIs and FinTechs to significantly reduce risk and regulatory costs  - while freeing up compliance teams to focus on higher-value tasks.

Gender Pay Gap

Helping ADIs and FinTechs 

reduce gender pay gaps

The Australian “financial and insurance services” sector is one of the most female-dominated sectors in Australia. It is unfortunately also a sector with one of the highest gender pay gap levels in the country.


According to statistics published by the Workplace for Equality Agency (WGEA), as of February 2020, the sector’s mean pay gap stood at 22.2%. 

Consumer Data Right

Helping ADIs and FinTechs

implement the CDR

To implement the CDR, ADIs will at least need to develop a sufficiently robust application programming interface (API). More broadly, ADIs and FinTechs alike will need to assess critical factors such as: customer-retention strategies; product offerings; IT security; and privacy policies,  among others.

Financial Exclusion
Helping ADIs and FinTechs contribute to reducing financial exclusion 

Almost all Australians are either a customer or an employee of an ADI or FinTech. Given this wide reach, ADIs and FinTechs have the ability to contribute to solving some of the most pressing social issues currently afflicting Australian society. These include: financial exclusion; aged workforce discrimination; and domestic violence, among others.

What People Are Saying


Dallas Newton

Co-founder and Managing Director - Fintech Solutions and Services (Global) Pty Ltd


Clement Fernandez

Banking Regulator - APRA

2002 - 2014

Gen Advisory Pty Ltd is a firm of high integrity that also possesses the expertise to create tremendous benefit for their clients. They are very committed to supporting the financial sector and understanding first-hand the needs of its participants. I believe you will find Gen Advisory to be a top-notch partner that will create value for years to come."

(Gen Advisory's founder) Michael Lukman had been a proactive supervisor with a strong capability to identify emerging risks and take action before they became an issue. He was a team player who actively participated in, and shared his experiences with, supervisory groups that he was a member of. His technical skills as a supervisor of financial institutions, particularly banks, was outstanding."


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