Gen Advisory

Gen Advisory is a specialist Australian professional services firm supporting ADIs

We comprise a collaborative, multi-disciplinary team of professionals. Collectively, our team members have over 25 years’ banking regulatory and advisory experience, having previously been employed by: the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA); National Australia Banking Group (NAB); and Australian Government, among others.


Our head office is located in the Sydney CBD.


To date, our team members have provided technical advice to various organisations in Australia, the United States and internationally.

Vision | Mission | Values


To be a trusted advisory partner to existing

and prospective

Australian ADIs


As banking specialists, our mission is to support ADIs in fulfilling their commercial

and social objectives




Remain true to the Gen Advisory values of: Quality, Respect, Diversity, Equality, Collaboration and Continuous Learning


To provide high-quality strategic 

advice and other specialised services.

To contribute to a resilient and

sustainable Australian banking sector.


To be a trusted advisor within our niche segments.


Gen Advisory's  suite of specialised services is designed to meet the ever-adapting demands of the Australian banking sector. Our expertise is suited to: traditional banks, neo-banks, FinTechs and prospective ADIs.

Gen Advisory's repertoire of activities encompasses:

  • strategic advice;

  • banking research;

  • capacity-building; 

  • project implementation;

What We Do

  • current vs future markets analyses;

  • independent reviews;

  • cultural audits; and

  • due diligence.




Banking Research


Project Implementation









After a client ADI has agreed to an activity or program proposed by Gen Advisory, we will work collaboratively with them to achieve their desired outcomes.

"Gen Advisory does not engage in aggressive sales or marketing practices.

Our priority is to add value."

Diversity | Inclusion



We aim to produce high-quality technical assistance at all times.  “Gen Advisory will only accept client engagements where we are confident we have the necessary expertise and capacity to complete the assignment successfully.


We embrace diversity and inclusion.

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination of any kind.


We have an “equal pay for equal work” policy.  We actively support the career advancement of our female team members.


We treat our suppliers and staff with respect.  Equally, we expect to be treated with respect by our clients.


We are genuinely passionate about the work that we do.


We welcome collaboration with peer advisory firms where this would result in an optimal result for the client.

Intellectual Property

We respect the intellectual property rights of others.

We adhere to the copyright guidance issued by the Australian Copyright Council.

Continuous Learning

We recognise that the Australian banking sector which we seek to assist is highly dynamic. We recognise therefore the value of, and actively seek, continuous learning.

Gen Advisory has in-depth insights into specialised areas.
Contact us about your specific needs.


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