• Scott Middleton

Special support services for ADIs (6 April 2020)

Updated: May 12, 2020

ADIs - you have our team's support.

The Gen Advisory team has added extra staff and services to help ADIs overcome the immediate challenges brought about by recent events.

Our special support services to help ADIs cope with CoVID-19 include the following:

  • Providing advice to ADIs on:

- business continuity;

- identification of critical functions;

- strategies for restoring capital and liquidity;

- outsourcing: options and regulatory requirements; and

- cyber-security and resilience, among others.

  • Providing virtual support, using remote technologies, to ADIs in areas of need;

  • Delivering remote research;

  • In collaboration with our business partners FinSS Global Pty Ltd: Providing advice and support to ADIs in relation to the management of hardship assistance requests.

Note: The above support is in addition to our team's existing suite of services, which remain unaffected.

To enquire regarding how the Gen Advisory team can assist your ADI, please reach out to us on 02-8088 0744.

Stay positive!

Scott Middleton

General Manager

6 April 2020

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