Managing The Transformation Aspects Of Digitization

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Our team has produced a whitepaper titled: "How ADIs and FinTechs can manage the workforce transformation aspects of digitisation".

This whitepaper covers the following topics:

  • Managing the workforce transformation aspects of digitisation;

  • Opportunities for ADIs and FinTechs through digitisation;

  • Workforce transitions within ADIs and FinTechs;

  • What ADIs and FinTechs can do to manage the transformation.

To view the whitepaper, click here.

Gen Advisory Pty Ltd is a professional services firm supporting Australian ADIs and FinTechs.

As regulation and compliance specialists, our services are tailored to helping Australian ADIs and FinTechs fulfil their commercial and regulatory objectives. Our focus areas include: ACL/AFSL licensing; AUSTRAC reporting; and ongoing compliance; among others,

Should you have any questions regarding the whitepaper, please reach out to the Gen Advisory team by calling +61-2-8088 0744 or emailing

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