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Infographic - Explanatory comments 

Australian ADI Sector: as at 30 June 2020

  1. Total ADIs as at 30 June 2020 (according to APRA Register of ADIs):  146.

  2. Total ADIs in this infographic: 146.

  3. The ADI categories adopted in this infographic are based on Gen Advisory's internal classification and differ from those contained in the APRA Register.  

  4. Definition of “neobank” adopted for the purposes of this infographic:                 “Digital-only" bank that is not owned by a “Big 4” bank.

  5. The definition in (4) precludes NAB’s “UBank” - a digital-only bank that operates on NAB’s ADI license.

  6. Up Bank - another digital-only bank - has also been excluded from this infographic as it operates on Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s ADI license (i.e, it is not a "standalone" ADI).

  7. “Other ADIs” - brief description:

  • Australian Settlements Ltd – provides payment services.

  • Cuscal Limited – provides industry services.

  • Indue Ltd – provides payment services.

  • In1 Bank – “restricted” ADI.

  • Lutheran Laypeople’s League of Australia – charitable financial institution.

  • Tyro Payments Limited – provides payment services.

  • Paypal Australia - provides payment services.

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