Gen Advisory's suite of services is designed to help our clients fulfil their

regulatory and commercial objectives.

Gen Advisory's suite of services encompasses the 

Licensing & Compliance

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The Australian ADI and FinTech sectors have proved resilient in the face of adversity. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused upheaval, the fundamentals of both sectors remain sound. Demand for ACL and AFSL licenses, in particular, remains strong.

 RegTech Adoption

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Mirroring overseas trends, the RegTech sector in Australia has been growing rapidly in recent years. 

Gen Advisory's view is that RegTech technologies  have been a "must have" for Australian financial services institutions.

Consumer Data Right


The first iteration of the CDR in Australia - a limited pilot involving the four major banks -

went live on 1 July 2019.

Given the inevitability of the CDR regime,  the question ADIs and FinTechs are currently considering is not whether to adopt the CDR, but how to make the most of it. In this context, Gen Advisory has observed several compelling CDR use cases which we believe would greatly benefit any ADI or FinTech which adopts them.

Sustainable Finance

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The term “Sustainable Finance” refers to financing practices that integrate “environmental, social and governance” (ESG) criteria. 


Unlike “traditional/conventional” finance, which is based on a two-dimensional risk and return analysis, Sustainable Finance considers three dimensions: risk, return, and impacts.


Gen Advisory’s prediction is that in the future, there will no longer be a dichotomy between traditional” and “sustainable" finance. By definition, all finance must and will be sustainable.

Gen Advisory provides ADIs and FinTechs with end-to-end support in the following areas


  • Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) applications

  • Australian Credit Licence (ACL) applications

  • Ongoing AFSL and ACL compliance 


  • Authorised Deposit-Taking Institution (ADI) licensing

  • Providers of Purchased Payment Facilities (PPFs) licensing 


  • AML-CTF programs and risk assessments

  • AUSTRAC reporting entity obligations


  • Accredited Data Recipient (ADR) applications

How Gen Advisory can help ADIs and FinTechs with RegTech adoption

  • RegTech use cases.

  • Latest RegTech developments and technologies.

  • Bespoke research.

  • Bespoke training.

  • Vendor selection and due diligence.

  • Project management. 

How Gen Advisory can help ADIs and FinTechs implement the CDR

  • Accredited Data Recipient (ADR) requirements

  • CDR use cases, and opportunities vs threats. 

  • Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) procedures.

  • "Fit and proper" checks.

  • ACCC liaison.

  • Bespoke research.

  • Bespoke training.

  • Vendor selection and due diligence.

  • Project management.

How Gen Advisory can help ADIs and FinTechs incorporate ESG criteria

  • Sustainable Finance - Latest developments

  • Bespoke research.

  • Bespoke training.

  • Project management.

  • Post-implementation reviews.