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Corporate Citizenship

Gen Advisory’s various Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) initiatives are outlined below.



Gen Advisory allocates a certain budget each year to donating to non-profit organisations.

Gen Advisory is a Lifetime Sponsor of:

  • The Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA).

Gen Advisory has made small monetary donations to the following organisations to date:

  • ASKI Global Limited (Philippines).

  • Australia Institute.

  • Beyond Blue (Australia).

  • Brotherhood of Saint Lawrence (Australia).

  • Good Shepherd Microfinance (Australia).

  • Grattan Institute (Australia).

  • Harvard University (United States).

  • World Vision Australia.

Total amount donated by Gen Advisory since our company’s establishment: 

A$ 10,809.18.

Pro Bono


Gen Advisory allocates a certain number of workdays each year to:

  • Providing pro-bono advice and research; and

  • Participating in pro-bono projects.

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