Gen Advisory’s statement and action plan on CoVID-19 (30 March 2020)

Updated: Apr 29

Statement dated 30 March 2020, 09.00 am AEST

As the prognosis for CoVID-19 continues to evolve, Gen Advisory remains committed to supporting our people, the ADI sector and the broader community. The world is experiencing challenging times - however, by helping one another, we can overcome these adversities.

Gen Advisory’s top priority is ensuring the health and safety of our people and communities - as well as providing ongoing support to ADIs. Our team remains fully operational and ready to help ADIs with any challenges they may be experiencing.

Gen Advisory confirms that we will not be making any staff layoffs due to CoVID-19. Our firm recognises that we are very fortunate to be in a position to provide such confirmation.

To ensure the safety of our people, as well as provide uninterrupted support to ADIs, Gen Advisory will be making the following changes to our operations and services.


All our team members will be working from home until further notice.

The flexibility to work from home has been embedded into our team’s operations and culture since the outset of our company's establishment. As a result, our team is currently operating “business-as-usual” – minus the “physical distancing”.


Our team members will continue to be available to meet with external parties via teleconference.


All external parties who require our assistance can reach out to us by either:

· Calling us on 02-8088 0744; or

· Emailing us at


All Gen Advisory domestic and international travel has been suspended.


Our team will be stepping up our conversations with our partners and networks. It is important during these times that we keep the conversations going, so as to foster a sense of community.

We encourage others to do the same.


Gen Advisory’s services are designed to meet the ever-adapting demands of the Australian ADI sector. Our existing suite of services remains unaffected.

To help ADIs navigate the additional challenges posed by CoVID-19, we have expanded our services to incorporate the following:

  • Providing ADIs with advice on: business continuity; crisis management; and recovery planning, among others.

  • Providing remote “backfilling” support to ADIs which are experiencing staff shortages.

Our team has the ability to tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each ADI.

Content Publication

Our team will continue to publish, via our website and LinkedIn company page, content that is relevant and helpful to ADIs. Our content publishing schedule remains unchanged.

Additionally. our team will publish content specifically intended to help ADIs cope with the CoVID pandemic.

Ongoing monitoring

Our team will continue to monitor closely the health advice provided by the Australian Department of Health and World Health Organisation.

We encourage others to do the same.

The Gen Advisory team thanks our Friends for their ongoing support and looks forward to responding in kind.

Kind Regards,

Michael Lukman

Managing Director

If you have any questions or need further information regarding Gen Advisory’s response to COVID-19, please call us on +61-2-8088 0744.

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