Gen Advisory’s statement and action plan on CoVID-19

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Statement updated 10 July 2020, 09.00 am AEST.

First published: 30 March 2020.

As the prognosis for CoVID-19 continues to evolve, Gen Advisory remains committed to supporting our people, the Australian financial services sector and the broader community.

Gen Advisory confirms that we have not made any staff layoffs due to CoVID-19. Our firm recognises that we are very fortunate in this regard.

Our latest operational and working arrangements are as follows:


Gen Advisory's services remain unaffected.

Our firm has the capacity to provide our services both remotely and in-person.


Our team members are continuing to operate on a "business-as-usual' basis, apart from the physical distancing.

In accordance with the latest guidance issued by the NSW Government, our team members are making a "staggered" return to working from the office. Each team member has been given the option to work either from home or the office, depending on individual preferences and circumstances.

Our team will continue to monitor closely the health advice provided by the Australian Department of Health.


All Gen Advisory international travel has been suspended.


Our team will continue to step up our conversations with our partners and networks. It is important during these times that we keep the conversations going, so as to foster a sense of community.

We encourage others to do the same.

Content Publication

Our team will continue to publish, via our website and LinkedIn company page, content that is relevant and helpful to ADIs and FinTechs. Our content publishing schedule remains unchanged.


All external parties who require our assistance can reach out to us by either:

· Calling us on 02-8088 0744; or

· Emailing us at

The Gen Advisory team thanks our Friends for their ongoing support and looks forward to responding in kind.

Kind Regards,

Michael Lukman

Managing Director

If you have any questions regarding Gen Advisory’s action plan on COVID-19, please call us on +61-2-8088 0744.

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