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Sponsorship offer for one FinTech Australia member

Updated: May 29, 2022

As a Friend of FinTech Australia, the Gen Advisory team is keen to contribute to a healthy and stable FinTech eco-system in Australia.

Gen Advisory offers to sponsor one FinTech Australia member to receive 7 "advisory and coaching" sessions with the Bayside Business Enterprise Centre (BEC), This sponsorship comprises one initial diagnostic session and then 6 ongoing sessions with a business mentor from the BEC.

If you are a member of FinTech Australia and interested in receiving this sponsorship, please reach out to the Gen Advisory team before Friday 17 April. You can reach us by either

  • calling us on 02-8088 0744; or

  • emailing us at

Bayside BEC

The Bayside BEC is a non-profit, Australian Government-subsidised advisory service for Australian businesses. In addition to providing cost-effective advice and coaching services, the BEC also offers support in other areas including: marketing; technology; and social media, among others.

Further details regarding the Bayside BEC can be found here

To contact the BEC directly, please call 02-9316 5877.

Stay positive!

Best wishes,

The Gen Advisory team

hone: 02 9316 5877




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