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Gen Advisory webinar for ADIs

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Gen Advisory webinar for ADIs

“How ADIs can strengthen their resilience during periods of uncertainty:

Practical strategies and latest insights”.

Date & time: 7 May 2020 (Thursday), 11:00 to 12:00 Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

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This positive and informative webinar is designed to provide Australian ADIs with practical strategies for strengthening their resilience during periods of uncertainty.

Additionally, the webinar will also address a key issue currently being faced by many Australian ADIs - management of hardship assistance requests.

Webinar topics

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Business continuity management for ADIs;

  • "Critical functions" for an ADI;

  • Outsourcing - options and regulatory requirements;

  • Recovery strategies;

  • Strategies for restoring an ADI's capital and liquidity positions;

  • How to manage an hardship assistance requests with empathy and professionalism.

Note: There will also be a 15-minute "Q&A" session at the end of the webinar to facilitate conversation and knowledge-sharing.

Specific questions the webinar will address:

  • How can ADIs ensure business continuity during periods of uncertainty and/or disruption?

  • What are the "critical functions" for an ADI?

  • What are the "early warning indicators" and "trigger points" for an ADI's recovery plan to be invoked?

  • What recovery strategies can ADIs employ to restore their capital and liquidity positions?

  • What outsourcing options are available to ADIs?

  • If an ADI chooses to outsource parts of its operations, what regulatory requirements would the ADI need to comply with?

  • How can ADIs process hardship assistance requests with compassion and professionalism?

Note: If you have any additional questions you would like the webinar to cover, please email these to: All questions submitted will be treated by Gen Advisory as confidential.

The webinar will draw from:

  • APRA’s suite of Prudential Standards, Practice Guides and latest media releases for ADIs;

  • Examples from the UK, including guidance issued by the UK PRA;

  • Guidance issued by the FSB and BCBS;

  • International industry perspectives; and

  • Gen Advisory’s own research.


  • Main speaker: Michael Lukman – Managing Director, Gen Advisory Pty Ltd

  • Support speaker: Tony Zabel – Manager for Financial Services, Gen Advisory Pty Ltd;

  • Moderator: Esther Coleman – Director, The HR Department.

  • Additional contributors:

- Martin Boyd – Director, Vertex Security

- Dallas Newton - Managing Director, FinSS Global Pty Ltd.

Event organiser: Eleni Aroney - Graphic and content designer, Gen Advisory Pty Ltd.



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