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Top tips for international expansion, by Katie Heathcote

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Top tips from Katie Heathcote, Associate Director for Technology at Investment NSW, on how to go global successfully.

On 4 May 2023, Katie Heathcote - Associate Director, Technology at Investment NSW - delivered a presentation entitled: "Don't be a boomerang: Our top tips for tapping into international markets".

Summary of Katie's top tips for successful international expansion:

  1. Consider whether you actually need to expand abroad

  2. Prioritise your markets for international expansion

  3. Focus on getting to product-market fit first

  4. Have a founder lead your market entry

  5. Localise your offering for each market - i.e "go native"

  6. Acknowledge the cultural nuances - what works in Australia will not always translate

  7. "Recruit like a tortoise, not like a hare"

  8. Allow enough time to get it right.

Gen Advisory's view

The above are great insights and in line with Gen Advisory's own observations.

Thanks Katie!

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